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University Acceptances from Yorkville Campus

By Blyth Yorkville

Sat., June 5, 2021 | reading time 2 minutes

Congratulations to many of our yorkville students for getting accepted into top universities! We’d like to share some of the excitement by showing the rest of us the fantastic news! There are 7 people who got accepted into University of Toronto which ranked 25th place in the QS of 2021. 1 got into psychology program; 2 got into humanities; 3 got into physical and mathematical sciences and 1 got into social science program. Congratulations to all of the 7 students who got accepted into the top program of the #1 university in Canada. In addition, 5 students got into the top programs of the University of Waterlooand 1 got accepted into UBC. Even Though during the pandemic most students choose to go to universities in Canada, however, there are still one student who got accepted into the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland for pre-med. Congratulations to all!

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