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Taiwan Cultural Exchange Group

By Alice Fraimovich

Tues., Dec 14, 2021 | reading time 5 minutes ⏰

Over the decades, we have encountered numerous incidents caused by climate change and rising global temperatures all over the globe. Climate change has become such a pressing issue, and one of the things that contributes to it is the usage of plastic. Approximately 90% of garbage consists of plastic that is not properly disposed of, or recycled, resulting in an annual flow of 8 million tonnes of plastic into the oceans.

If we do not address this rapidly increasing problem, by 2050 we can expect to see dwindling fish populations and exponential growth of plastic in our oceans. A resolution was proposed by the United Nations Environment Assembly in 2017, with the goal of combating pollution, particularly pollution caused by micro-plastics. On the bright side, governments and organizations have also been largely successful in addressing this matter by raising awareness and implementing the use of the 5 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse, and Repair) in order to ensure that proper disposal of plastics is in place. Furthermore, individuals from all over the world are looking for efficient solutions to eliminate single-use plastic. Blyth Academy has partnered with Kaohsiung Girls' High School in Taiwan for the cultural exchange program. This opportunity enables students to participate in an international, virtual cultural exchange workshop. Students focus on "Eliminating Problems Related to Plastic Waste" during the cultural exchange program. Globeducate has picked five themes to assist students to comprehend the difficulties from many viewpoints. Students are required to choose one for their group and share their research findings while creating posters as a group and participating in forum discussions.

STUDENTS FEEDBACK Alice Fraimovich - "we had such an amazing time learning about Taiwanese culture and education during the cultural exchange program. We're so grateful for the opportunity to get to know such wonderful people from Taiwan and it was such an incredible experience. It showed us that we're capable of working together and teaching each other about our countries, and though it was a virtual program, we felt that through it we still were able to gain lifelong memories and look back at the experience with smiles."

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