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Student Showcase: Grade 12 Photography

By Paul Savaria

Fri., June 18, 2021 | reading time 1 minute ⏰

On Monday students in our Grade 12 Photography class presented one of their larger projects of the term called the Photographic Muse Project. Students searched high and lowthrough Instagram, Pinterest, photo magazines and Top 100 lists to find a contemporary photographer whose work resonated with them. After conducting some research into their chosen photographer's work, process and life experiences, each student created a series of original images inspired by what they learned and felt when looking at their photographic muses' work.

Included here are original photos by Francesca who chose William Eggleston's vibrant and quirky landscapes from the 1970s and Marco who chose Phil Penman's stark and contrasty black and white street photography of New York City to be inspired by.

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