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Student Council Election LP Campus

By Ashley Chen

Thu., Sep 23, 2021 | reading time 2 minutes ⏰

Hello Blyth LP students!

I am Ashley who is the VP of communication from our LP student council. Next Tuesday we will be holding student council elections. There are two candidates for the role of student council president and you will have the opportunity to hear their platform before voting next week.

Next Tuesday we are trying a different method of voting where we will be caring voting boxes to each class. Students are required to watch their video in their period 2 classes and fill out their choices. Hailey, our VP of events and I, as well as Ms. Sargeant and Paul will be caring boxes to each class and collect all of the forms. The later of next week, we will be announcing your student council president! I believe and we should all believe that she will bring us to a better year of enjoyment.

See you all on Tuesday and good luck to our candidates!

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