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Student Art Virtual Gallery

By Student Art Gallery

Thu., May 6, 2021 | reading time 2 minutes ⏰

Art has always been the channel of our life. Whenever we are stuck, we often find that turning on some music and the clash of colors or the contrast of black and white clears my mind. Art gives us a new perspective on life.

Art embodies the multifaceted nature of human society, a powerful and influential form. It doesn't always have to hang on a wall somewhere in a famous museum to be considered beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether seen by passers-by on the street going about their business, peering from under the battered brim of a homeless man's hat, or pressed against the chubby, curious faces of children, art always makes an impact. The beauty and influence of art are interwoven, but they are not the same. Art can be used to add color to the lives of people at this particular time. Making art has a number of scientifically proven positive effects on the brain, including increasing hope, increasing self-worth and reducing depression and anxiety. Creating art can brighten the lives of so many people, and what better way to do that than to provide sketch and coloring books to our school community?

There are three art classes in our school together to create a student art exhibition. Their paintings dazzle us with their beautiful lines of color and imagination. The feelings expressed by each protagonist are so real! If you are also interested, please contribute your article to us. We can make a Blyth Student Art Gallary specially. So let's start appreciating!

Here is the link to the art gallery:

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