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Star Student Interview - May edition (Lauren Pearson)

By Ashley Chen

Mon., April 11, 2022 | reading time 5 minutes ⏰

At Blyth Daily News, we advocate student leadership. We believe that through conversation, we inspire each other, learn from each other, and create opportunities for each other. In our Blyth community, numerous shining individuals create their value to the community. We believe that everyone is unique in their opinion and personality.

Lauren Pearson is a 17-year-old Blyth Academy Burlington student, an international neurodiversity advocate and an avid neuroscience enthusiast. Lauren has ADHD and autism, which gives her a unique perspective on her world.

Lauren is the founder of DiverseNeuro, an organization that aims to provide reliable information surrounding various neurological types. When asked what motivates her to create and fund this organization? Lauren answered,” Due to my own experiences with having ADHD and autism, I aspire to end the implicit gender gap among neurodiverse females. I created “DiverseNeuro” to help increase neurodiversity awareness and education! Through creating “DiverseNeuro,” I have had the opportunity to connect with other neurodiverse individuals like myself. I have also gotten to speak at conferences worldwide!”

Lauren is also a member of the Stanford Neurodiversity Project Network, the Public Relations director at LLC and a teen author wrote “The all-inclusive guide to neurodiversity.” Recently, Lauren has been invited to be speaking at the NYC Autism Tech Innovation and Careers Expo taking place on May 7th, 2022.

Academic-wise, Lauren is the top student at the Burlington campus. Lauren has dealt with various challenges with her academics due to being neurodiverse. However, she learned to self-advocate for her specific needs and accommodations that she requires. She loves being transparent with her challenges to help others know that they are not alone.

In the next stage of her academic career, she would like to take a gap year and write another book. In addition, she is planning on applying to Stanford University to pursue more in-depth knowledge about neurodiversity.

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