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Spirit Week at Blyth L.P.

By Sarah Crawford

Wed., Oct 13, 2021 | reading time 1 minute ⏰

Hello Blyth LP Students! As Halloween is coming up in the coming weeks, student council is hosting a spirit week and an escape room during the week of Oct 25-29.

The spirit week days are described as the following:

  1. Monday - Sports Day

  2. Tuesday - Choose Your Decades Outfits Day

  3. Wednesday - Twin Day

  4. Thursday - Class Color Day

  5. Friday - Costume Day

During the spirit week, student council will be hosting a hot chocolate day at lunch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The most exciting news is that Paul is hosting a photo booth on Friday which is the costume day.

Another big event that is happening is the escape room hosted by our VP of events, Hailey Rolston. This is super excited since this is our first time trying to do a escape room at the LP campus. Some big reveal before you come and join us at the escape room. The game contains 3 puzzles, each puzzle has a 10 minute time sloth to solve. A group can have maximum 6 people and solve one puzzle at a time. The strict rule is no phone is allowed. This escape room is hunted house theme and also a countdown to project on the screen. Student council hopes to see you there and we wish you a happy month!

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