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Our ESL Students Wrote Poetry

By Ashley Chen

Thu., May 13, 2021 | reading time 5 minutes ⏰

Poetry is a literary genre of lyrical expression. It is a literary genre that vividly expresses an author's emotions and reflects social life with a certain rhythm and flow to it. Poems are typically filled with an author's thoughts and feelings, and a sprinkle of their rich imagination.

Without further ado, introducing the amazing poems written by our very own ESL students!

I climb up the hill

Though endless ocean to the end of horizon


The sun

Drifting, glowing

Producing the power that nothing is capable to capture.


The boats

Summit by the sun

Sitting, waiting, eagering

Painted gold like solders ready for battle Particularly bold.

But yet blue

The sky, the ocean

Unchanged and peaceful

As their broadness can contain and comprehend everything

So far, yet so close.

By Evan

These beautiful words are written by Blyth's very own ESL student, Evan. These words caught my attention and wrapped me up in their warmth and gentleness. The golden time and the vast ocean outline a peaceful life. Below are more poems made by our ESL students, so please enjoy!

Densely foggy

He walked out of the fog alone

His hometown is behind, his road is in front of him

Parents and children are separated from him

His lover has been buried in the sea

He walked out of the fog alone

His hometown is behind, only sigh

His road has no end

His road is densely foggy

None of us can escape the past.

By Sai Wang

we can build a friendship

You like mountain and light

You travel around the world and see moonlight

I love the boundless sea and spring rain

I sit at desk and create a world by my pen

But I think we can become friends

I have a friend who dislike like cats

While my favorite animal is a cat.

When we hang out and have fun

We keep away from cat cafes and buy a bun

We have different lives

It is right

Nonetheless anyone is unique

Anyhow, we live in the same land

No two flowers are the same

Don’t smash your body and thought

Keep you style and love yourself

I believe we can build a friendship if we understand each other

By Hannah

Moon so high in the sky,

Oh please hear my cry,

My love is gone,

Far away,

Far away across the sea,

I hope to see you someday,

By Deborah

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