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Ontario reports multi-month of nearly 900 covid-cases

By Hailey Rolston

Thu., Sep 2, 2021 | reading time 3 minute ⏰

Ontario reported 865 new confirmed cases on the second day of September, a week before school began, the highest daily increase since early June. Of all confirmed cases today, 62 percent are unvaccinated, according to the health ministry. The provincial laboratory completed 27,293 tests yesterday, with a positive rate of 3 percent. In the Greater Toronto area, 175 new cases were reported in Toronto, 104 in Peel, 91 in York, 22 in Tulane and 19 in Herndon. Yesterday, Ontario's Scientific Advisory Board released its latest outbreak modelling data, suggesting that in the worst-case scenario, the daily increase in Ontario could soar to 9,000 cases by October.

Delta mutated virus is "different" from normal virus! It spreads very quickly, twice as fast as normal viruses. The resulting rate of hospitalization and severe illness is also relatively high. In an optimistic scenario, if people can reduce exposure (by 30 percent), the number of cases could begin to decline within days, and the daily increase could drop below 500 by October. If current conditions continue without additional restrictions, Ontario will have 4,000 additional cases by October. In severe cases, the increasing number of cases could exceed 9,000 by October.

To avoid another lockdown in the fall, Ontario needs a vaccination rate of more than 85%. Experts recommend that Ontario:

Continue to reduce the density of indoor activities, maintain safe distances, and reduce large gatherings;

Continue to implement indoor mask policy, work from home as much as possible;

Promulgate policies to speed up the vaccination of the population

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