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Online Learning Made Enjoyable? It's Possible

By Alice Fraimovich

Wed., Jan 5, 2022 | 5 minutes read ⏰

We’re back online. And it sucks. It’s painful. No one lags or glitches during in-person classes, and your mom isn’t likely to interrupt your classes by telling you to put the dishes in the dishwasher or ask you during a quiz if there are any strawberries left in the fridge. Unfortunately, we’re back to dealing with such annoyances. I’m here to tell you that it really is possible to make your online learning experience much more enjoyable than it currently is, with the following tips:

I’ve had quite a lot of experience being an online student for a while now, and so nowadays when I talk to real people (yes, online people are fake people), I often find myself mentally reaching for my own mute button. It’s kind of funny. But not really. Anyways, during that time as an online student, I learned that sitting in my bed or even lying down is a terrific way to learn, as long as I don’t accidentally fall asleep. (Which has nearly happened before, but I trust that whoever is reading this article is not as sleep-deprived as I am and can responsibly learn in this way). This (obviously) is not a great idea for many of us, and therefore I present to you another comfortable, safer, less risky option: Get a bean bag. There are some reasonably-priced bean bag chairs available for purchase online, as long as you read the reviews beforehand. Personally, I have a wonderfully purple bean bag that I love to learn in as well.

Secondly, make sure your learning area is clean. I know, I’m a hypocrite. As I’m typing this I am surrounded by a mess. A terrifying monstrosity of a mess, if that even makes any sense at all. I’m serious though. I feel much less gloomy if I’m surrounded by cleanliness. They say the state of your room reflects your mental state. It really is true. It is hard, though, to find the motivation to clean. However, it’s so much more fun if you’re chatting with a friend on call at the same time, or listening to music while cleaning. Even if you manage to clean only your desk, it can make an enormous difference to your mood while online learning, and it will give you the feeling of accomplishment.

Third, light makes a huge difference as well. Especially natural light. I’ve found that learning in a dark room is a very miserable experience. If you have windows, put them to good use. Surround yourself with light, and you will lighten up.

If you have pets, invite them over to learn with you! My cat Grisha loves to sit next to me and stare at the computer screen, waiting for something interesting to appear. He is addicted to technology. Whenever someone’s on their phone or tablet, he comes over to check out what they’re doing on there. I suppose it is my fault. It started with me putting on mice videos for him. But don’t worry, I’ve begun to show him books now. He stares intensely at photos of animals in books. He usually arrives on time every day for my computer science class. Perhaps in time he will program his own mice-hunting game. If he does, I’ll be sure to share it with you.

Lastly, take food breaks, or tea breaks, or coffee breaks, or even soup breaks. (Don’t forget toilet breaks!) An occasional chocolate bar or some other equally unhealthy treat isn’t likely to kill you, unless you’re deathly allergic, you somehow manage to choke, or it is poisoned. In the case that you are deathly allergic, maybe find something else, or don’t, if suffering makes you happy. Only joking, of course. A few months ago, I saved up enough money to purchase my own portable blender. I make smoothies with frozen fruit every day, or even eat just plain frozen fruit. It’s a delicious alternative, and a healthier one at that. In any case, don’t starve or dehydrate yourself.

Hopefully a few of these tips are helpful, and if you ever need anyone to talk to, just know that many people love listening and will be eager to speak with you as well. It can be a great bonding experience. If you’re unsure of what to do during lockdown whenever you have free time, feel free to check out my article titled “Fun Quarantine Activities”, which I will paste the link to below. (I will not be upset if you do not read it, but perhaps I will be slightly disappointed in you.) Thank you for making it all the way here, and may your learning be filled with much learning and fun!

Fun Quarantine Activities Entrance

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