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National Bike To School Day

By Blyth Yorkville

Wed., May 5, 2021 | reading time: 3 minutes ⏰

National Bike to School Day on May 6th is all about getting up and moving. Cycling everyday during this pandemic may make our relatives and friends live longer and stronger. Outdoor sports are especially important during this special time. Let our rusted body move!

There have been a number of studies linking "cycling" and "anxiety reduction", such as one published in Behaviour Research and Therapy which found that aerobic exercise reduces generalized anxiety and anxiety sensitivity, two of the precursors to panic attacks. And cycling is a kind of aerobic exercise.

On the other hand, a study at Indiana University in the US asked 15 adults to ride a bicycle for 20 minutes a day for several days and found that it was also effective in reducing their anxiety levels.

We've all known for a long time that exercise boosts adrenaline and makes you feel relaxed and happy, but cycling combines the "sport" with the "outdoors". When riding a bike, you can explore new scenery and enjoy the relaxation brought by nature. You can also ride with your family, having a stable and happy mood.

So what are you waiting for? Tomorrow, let's go for a bike ride with family or on our own!

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