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Movie of the week: The Pursuit of Happyness

By Hailey Rolston

Thu., Sep 2, 2021 | reading time 3 minute ⏰

Leo Tolstoy said, "Happiness lies in life, and life in Labour." For an unhappy family, happiness is so far away, but the film "The Pursuit of Happiness" hero denied all this with his blood.

He was raised by a single parent until he found his own father at 28. He was fired from the securities company, failed many times, and later transferred to sell medical equipment, and was stolen by thieves; He went everywhere, but no one would buy his equipment; He was jailed for parking illegally and unable to pay back the money. He tries his best to hold on to the family, but his wife still leaves. When he was on the verge of bankruptcy, or hard to do the duties of a single parent, dedicated to raising his son, always guarding his son. He is obviously so unfortunate, tragic, but he always believe that: as long as enough efforts today, happiness will come tomorrow, for the future of his son, he had to bite the bullet, cheer up, everywhere to the opportunity to knock on the door, finally he finally chased his dream, become a successful investment expert.

In an ordinary person, I saw his firmness, indomitability, responsibility and the kind of uncompromising in the face of cold eyes. In this era of everything, in the eyes of my children who are still minors, not sensible and independent, how can I experience his hardship and struggle. However, in our daily study and life, we have not encountered heavy difficulties and setbacks, but we have not like the father, challenging their own limits, bearing the cold eyes and ridicule of others, toward the direction of their dreams chase!

This film has completely changed my view of happiness, all of which are cherished only after they are lost. To cherish the present is to enjoy happiness. Happiness is all around us, and every happiness is hard-won. We should cherish the happy life our parents have created for us and face all the difficulties we encounter in study and life correctly. No matter what we encounter, we have no reason to complain, no reason to run away. As long as there is confidence, there is infinite power. Only with unremitting efforts, happiness will eventually knock at the door!

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