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Look for these mental health red flags in your child

By Annie Taran

Wed., Jan 19, 2022 | reading time 5 minutes ⏰

Speaking on Blue Monday, Jessica Lewis, Lead Guidance Counsellor at Blyth Academy Mississauga returns to speak with Dina Pugliese of Breakfast Television about recognizing mental health red flags in your child.

According to a recent report by Sick Kids, there are six mental health categories, attention, anxiety, depression, obsession, compulsion and hyper activity. The study show that 70.1% of kids age 6 to 18 had a deterioration in one have domains and students ages of 2 to 5 had a 66.2% decrease in one of the domains. We are definitely seeing a decrease in youth mental health.

Jessi a Lewis talked about different age ranges mental health red flags that parents will be facing during this pandemic.

If you would like to view the whole version of this video, please click the link below for more information:

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