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How to Stay Organized in Term 3

By Hailey Rolston

Wed., Feb 9, 2022 | reading time 5 minutes ⏰

Are you struggling with staying organized? Catching up with workloads? What are some things that we can do as students to stay organized? We must stay organized to reduce stress, achieve goals, and increase productivity.

1. Use a Planner/Calendar Using a planner and Calendar will help you in many ways. It will remind you what you should be working on for the day.

2. Bring proper utensils to school. During class, you should come prepared. More specifically, bring your go-to for note-taking, a laptop/Ipad, and an extra pencil if needed.

3. Make notes in class. It is essential to write down crucial topics to look back at notes later to help you study for tests and the final exam.

4. Break down large tasks When given significant assignments, We can set deadlines by making small tasks to finish our work in smaller portions every day.

5. Ask teachers for assistance. Whenever you are unsure about any assignment, or a topic discussed in class, it is essential to ask your teachers questions. Asking questions will show your teachers that you care and help you get an opinion or information from someone reliable.

6. Create a routine for yourself Getting into a new routine and planning out your days will help relieve stress and make your work habits enjoyable.

7. Write everything you need to remember down.

It is essential to write everything down to ensure you don't forget tasks and information you need to retain: important information and topics discussed in class, including upcoming assignments, personal achievements etc.

Understandably, keeping up with workloads is time-consuming and stressful, but we must change our habits as soon as possible.

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