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Honey Harvest 2021

By Justice Balfour

Thurs., Oct 28, 2021 | reading time 2 minutes ⏰

We have 100 jars of our delicious fresh harvest of honey from our Blyth rooftop hive! Congrats to Mr. Saklica and his EnviroCrew. We are selling these jars for $20 (or more if you wish), and the proceeds will ALL go to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Please see Ms. Leni Pothaar at the front desk with cash or cheque payable to The Terry Fox Foundation for as many jars as you would like. Email to reserve your own supply. You will get a charitable tax receipt.

They are 100ml jars, and our original beekeeper at Blyth LP Mr. Alex Mrkich offers the following tasting note:

A classic pure honey, very sweet and with a hint of lavender, this honey will be loved by everyone and is a beautiful product of the pollination of the gardens of the Lawrence Park neighbourhood.

Let us all share in a good cause and help the honey harvest!

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