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Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story

By Ashley Chen

Sun., June 13, 2020 | reading time 2 minutes ⏰

I was very touched by this movie. The heroine, Liz, experienced an unimaginable growth path, and finally realized her dream and entered the palace of Harvard University.

She lived in a very unhappy home, with parents who drank and fought often, and then her mother who became addicted to drugs, and her life fell apart several times. Once she went to a restaurant with her mother, the long-lost feeling and the warmth seemed to surround her again. "At this moment, I felt my mother come back to my side" is the best description of her feelings at that time, which shows her desire for the love of her parents. She's only a child, but why put her through all this? However, time always passed quickly, and soon her mother became addicted to drugs again and went to the bar to drink and smoke. All this she saw in the eyes, she was crying and calling deeply, but all in vain.

Her mother contracted AIDS by taking drugs and died soon. She lay on her mother's coffin for a long time, trying to find the lost mother's love. Her childhood memories came back to her mind one by one. Desolate family, decadent life, unable to pick up the family, classmates discrimination and bullying, but tomorrow or to continue. Picking up the broken memory, the road is still to go, and at this time, she is a person, without any rely on, even feelings of the rest of the place is not, the vast sea of people, and she is lonely, helpless, alone. But she still has a dream, she wants to change the status quo of life, wants to realize own dream.

"I believe I will succeed, I just need a chance", which shows her determination and will. A weak body, but with efforts for the opportunity, with action to interpret their own, her pay beyond what we can imagine the degree. "I love my mother, no matter what kind of person she is," touched everyone, the love of parents is higher than the mountains and deeper than the sea, no matter how they are, we still have to love them, they love us. At last, when she stood on the podium of Harvard University, we were more impressed and moved. Her success moved everyone.

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