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Home Alone. December Theme

By Alexandre Mueller

Fri., Nov 26, 2021 | reading time 3 minutes ⏰

Home Alone, written by John Hughes; is about a boy, Kevin McCallister, who’s family had originally planned a trip to Paris. However, the night before the trip, Kevin got into an argument with his parents and so, his mother sent him to sleep in the attic. While he was in the attic, Kevin wished his family gone, and that he would become the only person ruling over him, no one else. The next morning, the day of the trip, Kevin’s family had forgotten him in the attic and left without him! This led to Kevin dwelling in excitement. This excitement didn’t last for long though, soon he started to travel his local neighborhood and explore the nooks & crannies he had never seen! While on his adventure, he gets in a mix-up with two neighborhood thieves. From here, the movie takes a turn onto comical lane, with Kevin setting up traps and outsmarting the two men. While the movie only gets better from here, the rest is for you to find out.

Couple things I would like to say about the movie, is that it’s funny, revolves around the Christmas season, giving it that “feel good” aspect, and it holds a great message. The message of Home Alone is that you should never take things for granted. Kevin originally had wished his family gone, so he could rule over his life and be noticed by the world without the rest of his family governing over him; but soon he had come to the realization, that having his family gone, made him only miss them, and understand how much he took them for granted. No matter how many petty arguments he had with them, they are his family, and he will ever only get one. He learnt that he needed his family more than he had thought. This message goes for everyone. Those everyday things you have, you may never think twice about how much you need them or how lucky you are to even have them. Some people aren’t as lucky as you are and would beg to have them. Whether it be your family, education, or even food on the table at night; be thankful for what you have, acknowledge how lucky you are to have what you have and just be more appreciative.

Not only this movie is fit for a cold winter night (which I wish we will soon have), but it’s fit for the Christmas season. I believe that many of us have been getting caught up with everything going on around us and need to take a second to acknowledge what we have. Wishing everyone the best going into this Christmas season!

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