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Fun Quarantine Activities

Updated: May 14, 2021

By Alice Fraimovich

Web., May 5, 2021 | 8 minutes read ⏰

You might be thinking, “I’m too lazy to do any fun activities.” And that’s completely understandable. But do you really want to devote your precious time outside of school towards procrastination and scrolling through boring posts on social media? Answer me honestly. If your answer remains a yes, then I can’t really do anything about that. I will, however, give you some suggestions on activities you can do sitting still if you really wish to impersonate a statue for the duration of this lockdown.

To begin with, here’s a list of some free online games and activities to pass the time if you have no friends:

  • - All you have to do is click on the topic which you think gets Googled more. I think my high score was 18 or something like that. See if you can beat me at it!

  • - The rules are simple: click as fast as you can as soon as the timer hits zero. See if you can stop exactly at zero! Harder than you think.

  • Learn how to knit. Or crochet. Or sew. It’s pretty easy and you can make tons of cool stuff, like stuffed animals, scarves, socks, shirts, sweaters, and other things that don’t begin with the letter S!

  • Download a free digital drawing app like ibisPaint X and learn how to draw professionally on your phone! Or sketch hilarious pictures of your imaginary friends

  • There are plenty of fun piano apps on the app store, such as Magic Tiles or Magic Piano (for some reason nearly all of them have the word “Magic” in their name)

  • Find some writing prompts online if you’re passionate about creative writing and get to work! Here’s a writing prompt generator website:

  • Answer this writing prompt I just came up with and send it to my email for a chance to win nothing ‘cause I have no money: Write about a witch trying to explain the fact that there’s a cauldron in her kitchen to her bewildered mortal friends in a way that doesn’t reveal her identity as a witch. Does that make sense? I hope it does.

  • Stare at the ceiling and suffer.

  • Try painting. Personally, I find painting a single droplet of blood to be most enjoyable.

  • See how tiny you can write your name on a sheet of paper. (Look, it’s better than doing nothing)

  • Come up with ideas for tattoos

  • Record yourself singing random lyrics and add some instruments from GarageBand

  • Start a social media account for your pet. If you don’t have a pet, too bad.

  • Try photography. Picture this: You’re sitting in your room, and you really don’t want to clean up that pile of dirty laundry off your floor. Why not take a photo of it and add some effects to make that pile transform into a work of art? Maybe that’s a bad idea.

  • You can also find a cool-looking bug outside and make it your model. Here’s a professional-ish photo I’ve taken of this dude:

If you happen to have friends, set up a Google Meet or Zoom call and try out these fun games and activities: (Note: A lot of these activities require someone to share their screen in a virtual meeting)

  • There’s this really small, largely unknown game. I do not think you would have heard of it, as practically nobody is aware of this game. Who knows, you might’ve actually heard of it at least once or twice. A minute. All of last year. Please don’t roll your eyes when you read the name of this game. Okay, I know you know which game I’m hinting at. I’m still going to write it down. After all, some people really do live under rocks. This is getting way too long, so here: Among Us. (4-10 players)

  • I’m sorry. You have to admit though, it sure is a good game. I had a ton of jokes and puns in my head about Among Us but I’ll look sus if I include them here. I apologize. That was terrible. I’m so sorry. I really am. Don’t look at me. I’m ashamed. Please, no.


  • Mutter Nonsense. Link: Basically Cards Against Humanity but you get to think of your own responses. (Please be warned: the narrator’s voice is extremely annoying.)

  • Cards Against Humanity but online: (There’s plenty of other free websites to play this, however not all are family friendly.)

  • This is exactly like pictionary, but online.

  • Virtual sleepover: Exactly what it sounds like. Maybe play some of the games listed above?

  • Do you happen to play the Sims? If so, compete with your friends by making Sims that look like fictional characters, celebrities, or even your friends, and see who makes the most convincing sim for each category!

There are many more activities you can do during the lockdown, though I can’t list all of them as that would keep me here until the end of the lockdown. I sincerely hope that you found this list to be at least somewhat helpful, as I’ve been sitting here writing this for quite a long time and it’s nearly 1:00 AM. If you don’t find any of these activities to be enjoyable, then you must be a very miserable person. I’m only joking, of course. I’m terrible at concluding things so I’ll just head out. Why am I still here? I can’t leave! Why can’t I leave? Help! I’m going to be stuck here forever. This is awkward. Maybe if you stop reading I’ll be able to go. Yes, please do that. Thanks.

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