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By Ashley Chen

Sat., June 12, 2021 | reading time 8 minutes ⏰

Inspirational film destined not quite perky story theme, the biggest contradiction is that the hero is often encounter unfortunately some congenital deficiency and largely caused by disease or disorder, such as "forrest gump" IQ only 75 are seen as a geek congenital mental retardation, such as the film again with severe spasm disease in tourette syndrome is seen as a wonderful work of brad Cohen, however. After years in the dark, director Peter Werner's story is based on real people. The hero Brad Cohen, played by James Wolk from Michigan, suffers from Tourette's disease. But he overcame setbacks and difficulties to win the Teacher of the Year award in 1997 and an appearance on "The Oprah Show," and his autobiographical novel won the Independent Publishers of America Award for Best Education Book in 2006.

The hero of the film has congenital Tourette's disease, which causes him to make uncontrollable barking noises from time to time, accompanied by drawing animals on his face and neck. Because many people did not know much about the disease, the teacher mistook it for making trouble on purpose, the classmates scolded each other as weird, and the mother had to change the school for it because it could not be accepted by the school. In places where silence is necessary, such as church concerts, he was also surrounded by disgusted eyes. At first, he did not know why he could not control his strange screaming and twitching, and he was disgusted with the disease he was born with, just like the others around him, and he even did not want to appear in places where silence is necessary. It is said that the symptoms of Tourette syndrome cause parents to choose to isolate their children from society. Fortunately, Brad has many people in his life to help him, and the film revolves around his ongoing struggle with Tourette syndrome and the love and affection he experiences along the way.

His divorced parents love Brad in very different ways, with his mother believing in him and giving him the utmost support. When psychological doctors attribute weird behavior to psychological factors such as family relationship anxiety and no substantive progress in treatment, they will find out that the root cause is Tourette's syndrome by referring to relevant medical books in the library and take the initiative to communicate with doctors. When the teachers made a strict demand on the child, they decided to let him transfer to another school. They even actively sought various treatment methods and joined the Tourette patients' self-help group. When they found that they were not really self-help but passively accepted the fate arrangement, they encouraged him with the words "Never be defeated by Tourette's syndrome". In contrast, the father's distrust of "I can't control myself" and even his son, who was born with Tourette's syndrome, had no hope of being accepted as an elementary school teacher.

Brad's "difference" is the root of his inferiority, and not even everyone can accept this difference. It is the greatest happiness to meet his mother who always supports him. What is more fortunate is that there is a wise headmaster among many teachers who do not understand him or even judge and criticize him improperly. Who has repeatedly stressed the purpose of "education" and after the male Lord destroy the atmosphere of the scene of the concert gave him chance to explain their own physical condition to all people, get appreciation from the look of acceptance and understanding and encouraging applause let brad had the courage to pursue their dreams, it is because the President's intention to move to let the teacher the seeds of dreams deeply buried in the heart. There are very few people who are eager to become a teacher and regard it as the only choice. He graduated from education major with excellent results, but Tourette's syndrome became the only shortcoming in his resume, which led him to be rejected by several schools.

It turns out that trying to come clean and hide a medical history is not very effective. The only way to succeed is to maintain a reasonable attitude and confidence throughout. Of course, the struggle is never a single effort, but involves the constant support of a younger brother, the understanding of a leading boss, and the love of a girlfriend. The principal, who eventually accepted him, asked him in a constructive manner how to deal with his Tourette syndrome in the teaching practice. Apparently, instead of focusing on Tourette syndrome, she used his sense of humor to mimic the curious tone of the children. Similarly brad girlfriend "than any other boy talk voice, you this sounds a lot better" attitude, although this acceptance is based on "to both take its light" on the basis of but had to admit that also let men saw himself in the eyes of the resource orientation outside tourette syndrome symptoms, and began his first love.

Although the film is filled with all the men of "noisy" strange cry but still does not affect the full of kindness and warmth, men of strange disease he was teasing bully even father let bias to oneself, it is difficult to concentrate so that takes time and effort to learn a few times to the average person, in order to find a willing to accept their own schools refused to endure a 25 schools. Of course, life doesn't always have to be so bad and Tourette's disease doesn't make Brad lose his charisma. For example, Amanda, who has been dropped into another class by her father, is still watching his geography class at the door. For example, Heather's mother insists that he attend the church farewell service. In the end, Brad, who was devastated by the disease, thanked him for his illness and referred to him affectionately as "buddy" at an award ceremony for outstanding teachers, and his father began to feel truly proud of his son and reconciled with him.

The film's narrative is inspired by the pursuit of dreams, but it also hints at the lack of education about rare diseases such as Tourette's. To a large extent, the reason why the hero is often laughed at is that the society does not understand this disease, thus forming prejudice and resulting in discrimination. However, for children who have not formed an inherent idea, they can accept Tourette syndrome very quickly and even have a good communication with their teachers. As Brad's voiceover said, "Children see the world differently from adults, they will say what I should do instead of what I can't do." Such immature thoughts reveal the simplicity that is gradually lost in the adult world. Maybe it's a good idea to treat people who are suffering from diseases with the simple eyes of a child once in a while. If you look at everything simply, you will find that there is more humanity and Tourette syndrome is not a big deal.

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