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Experience With The Queen's University Field Trip 2021

By Student Body of Blyth

Wed., May 5, 2021 | reading time 2 minutes ⏰

Hello Blyth Community! It was a nice time having "university classes" with the Queen's master students! Thank you so much for Queen's Enrichment Studies Unit (ESU) for providing us this precious and meaningful opportunity on experiencing what having a university classes with a professor is like! We do appreciate all your hard works on these amazing contents of Anatomy and Food and Nutrition.

These two courses made us deeply understand the difference between college courses and high school courses, and also made us fully prepared psychologically and had more expectations before going to college. In particular, it provides an intuitive experience for students who want to study life sciences. Because life sciences is an important major that involves not only biology, chemistry, mathematics, and behavioral science. It is the foundation of the medical profession, so these two courses can also stimulate students' interest in the life sciences. You can also choose a university major for the future to expand your thinking, discover unknown interests!

So this was a very valuable experience for our 11th and 12th graders. The school will strive to provide you with more such courses to open up your career planning ideas!

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