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Exclusive Interview with Michael Booth

By Ashley Chen

Thu., Nov 18, 2021 | reading time 4 minutes ⏰

For more than 40 years, Blyth Academy has been internationally recognized for its excellence in providing quality education for its youth. There is no doubt that the supportive and nurturing environment at Blyth helps our graduates enter some of the top universities around the world.

Michael Booth, principal of the Blyth Orbit, Lawrence Park and Yorkville campuses had previously taught undergraduate courses at Northwestern University, Loyola University, and Indiana University while pursuing his Ph.D. degree in film studies. In a recent interview, Mr. Booth was asked if he thinks students benefit from Blyth’s educational programs. He responded with: “it’s a very rare week that goes by that I don’t see a note of sincere appreciation issued to one of the teachers from the students or parents, and it’s really not uncommon at all for them to say things like “you’re the best teacher I’ve ever had” or “I didn’t really like this subject before I took it with you, and now I really do.”

Blyth has always been committed to character and learning development, and has been focused on ensuring that students are provided the best possible education for each of their individual needs and learning styles. According to principal Michael Booth, “the maximum number of students that any Blyth teacher in a physical campus can teach at any one time across all of their classes is 32 students. The maximum number of students that a teacher of any of the virtual classes can teach is 12 students. And that’s a big difference from teachers in most other schools.” Having small class sizes is key for ensuring that the quality of education is maintained for each and every student at Blyth. Smaller classes equals greater education, and that is what really matters.

Given the challenges that we are facing today and have faced, we know that our students will be asked to lead in their communities and create better environments for the world. As our school motto is ‘shaping a better world’, we encourage every student to be open minded, thoughtful and confident in themselves as leaders.

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