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Currently on my Record Player

By Mr. Nault (reported by Hailey Rolston)

Mon., May, 10, 2021 | reading time 3 minutes ⏰

In 1898, the Danish engineer Pulsen invented the magnetic tape recorder (wire tape recorder) that can be applied practically. In 1912 cylinder recording became obsolete. In 1924, Maxfield and Harrison successfully designed the electric head, Bell Laboratories successfully carried out electrical recording, recording technology has been greatly improved. The world's first record player was born in 1925.

Currently on my record player sit two important ingredients in my enjoyment of music, a record AND the stylus!

For those of you that don't know about the good old fashioned record player, the music is actually read from the grooves on the record by a needle or stylus that travels across the surface of the record. Due to the physical nature of the needle interacting with the record the stylus will eventually wear out and break and need replacing. Most modern styluses are manufactured to last for 1000 hours of playing time. Two weeks ago I wore out my first stylus on this record player, Which I've owned for just under a year. That means I've listened to approximately 42 days worth of records in under a year!

Usually records are black in color, but on occasion records will be made in a variety of fun colors. Pictured here is a beautiful blue record featuring The Best of Daryl Hall and John Oats, An outstanding collecting of 1980's pop rock. There is no better way to listen to their hit song Maneater than giving this blue beauty a spin!

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