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Considering University Application

Applying to University(Guidance department)

Mon., Apr 26, 2021 | 5 minute read ⏰

If you are applying to college but are not sure how to choose, you can read the following advice. We'll guide you through everything you need to know about choosing a school!

Step 1: Research roughly of every school that you would like to apply. You can start by doing some general research to find out which schools are available. Also search the Internet or use manuals published by some foundations that describe the comparative advantages of different schools.

Step 2: Think about where you want to go for universities. You need to stay there for at least four years. So be sure to pick a place you like.

Step 3: You may want to figure out which facilities and resources are important to you. Some schools offer wellness programs. Different schools have different food options and housing facilities. The others might offer gyms, hospitals, libraries, theaters, or other facilities.

Step 4: Meet with a teacher or a person you know who is already in university majoring in the program that you are interested. They may refer you to others who know more about the program and professor. (You can search on internet) This will give you a better idea of whether you want to study with this teacher or not, and it will give you a better idea of what you want to learn.

Step 5: When you start searching for colleges, you should look up all the major rankings and calculate the average. Some give you a general ranking, while others may have separate tables for each subject. To me, the most important statistic is the student-teacher ratio. The lower the ratio, the better. In a smaller class, you can ask questions and understand the topic more easily.

Step 6: In addition to where you live, you will spend a lot of time on your college campus. Outside of lectures, you can hang out with friends, study or do group projects, have something to eat or drink, participate in activities, use sports or recreation facilities, etc. Narrow your search to choose a college you like.

Step 7: Figuring out what you want to study is the hardest part. Not all universities or colleges offer all degrees. You can choose something you have always wanted to do, and it can make you a hobby from a young age. If you really can't decide, you can also go to a more comprehensive college that offers more options. In addition, looking at each professors' profile and their achievement would be helpful on deciding what you are interested for.

When you find your school list, the best thing to do is to check out their lowest GPA requirement on their school web page. This is essential and important since if your GPA can not reach a certain mark, then the school would not consider you as in their waiting list.

Step 6: If you already know which career path you want to take, make an effort to research which schools are best in this area. This will make you better prepared for future job options while also ensuring that you are getting the best education possible in the field.

Step 7: The location of your school is also important to your educational goals. If you're looking to work in a program that requires an internship, such as business or medicine, you'll probably want to go somewhere that offers hands-on experience.

For example, a business major might be better suited to a major in a big city, where you can easily find a place to do an internship and where you can easily find a job upon graduation.

Dr. Karyn Gordon discusses in this interview how to help your children decide what to do after high school. You can follow this video to find out what university might not be suitable for you on your list.

"I suggest if you are in grade 11, take more diverse courses to figure out what you actually like and what is suitable for your strength. If you are in grade 9 or 10, I suggest you to find more clubs leadership, volunteer opportunities, charity work and community services to discover what you are passion about and what are some of your interest."

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