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Co-op Placement At Blyth Downsview

By Hailey Rolston

Thu., Nov 18, 2021 | reading time 2 minutes ⏰

Academic update from Blyth Academy Downsview campus of their co-op placement and human body model.

Blyth Downsview is excited to announce the news to our community that their grade 12 students are doing a co-op placement within the lower grades! They are helping out in the grade 5/6 class and grade 7 class. They will be helping the students better understand the topics that were learned in class and help with classroom activities. This is a great opportunity for grade 12 students to lead on a leadership position tutoring longer kids by patiently explaining concepts in a easy and understandable way.

In addition, the Grade 5/6 are learning about the human body in science class. An amazing student made this project to teach the class more about the body. This model contains detailed visual organs using all reusable products.

We hope to hear back from you. Sincerely reported from Blyth Downsview.

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