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Club Fair to Kick Off the Year

By Hailey Rolston

Mon., Oct 3, 2021 | reading time 2 minutes ⏰

Blyth Academy Lawrence Park’s student council is planning its first club fair after the pandemic. It will take place this October 18th during lunch break (1:15) in the great hall of the church. This opportunity will be open to anyone who attends the Lawrence Park campus and orbit. Everyone is welcome to join and experience the club that they are interested in.

The clubs included are Student Council, Model UN/Debate Club, Yearbook Club, Eco Club, Super Smash Bros. Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, and Table Tennis Club.

A student member will represent each club. They will introduce and explain what takes place at their respective clubs’ typical meeting.

The fair will also be open to Zoom students, however, not all clubs will be open to Zoom. Online students can attend the meeting too; clubs open to Zoom students are D&D, Student Council, and Eco Club. Club sign ups will be available for anyone who still wants to join. The student council is eager to see you all there!

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