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About Us

Welcome to Blyth Daily News! We are a student-run newspaper founded in 2021. As the newspaper across all Blyth campuses, we post exciting news about our community to get students more connected. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to express themselves. We think that we inspire learn from, and create possibilities for one each other through conversation. Most importantly, we believe that sharing our ideas and emotions through conversation will let us support one another through this unprecedented epidemic. Blyth Daily News publishes both online and print editions.



Please contact to send a letter to the editor or a guest piece. Letters to the editor are normally 500-550 words long, whereas columns are often 500-600 words long. 


Please include your full legal name and affiliations with Blyth Academy in your email. (Note: all submissions must be in word doc)


The News maintains the right to modify any submissions before publishing them and will notify writers of any significant changes.

Executive Board

Founder and Editor in-chief

News Editor

Physical Newspaper Planner

Alice Fraimovich

Sarah Crawford

Journalism Team

Lawrence Park Journalists

Head of LP Journalists Team: Hailey Rolston

Journalists: Alexandre Mueller & Ishika Arora


London Journalists

Annie Taran & Cassie Dugsin-porchuk

Burlington Journalists

Lauren Pearson

Contributing Teams

Blyth LP, Blyth London, Blyth Whitby, Blyth Etobicoke,

Blyth Waterloo, Blyth Mississauga, Blyth Downsview 

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